1. The Latest in Kitchen Appliance Technology

    Your friendly team of appliance repair technicians over at Profix Appliance tends to stay pretty up-to-date with the latest in kitchen appliance technology. As the 2010’s have progressed, there have been some interesting, futuristic innovations in the kitchen, including touch-and-swipe stovetop co…Read More

  2. Handy Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Tips

    The kitchen is the pride and joy of a household. It’s a social area where families talk, parties occur, and a place where delicious smells originate from. Heck, it’s practically considered the heart and soul of a household. If you’re at all serious about keeping a clean, functional and healthy…Read More

  3. Inside Oven Repair: How an Oven Breaks

    Your oven is like the fireplace of your kitchen. It’s like the centerpiece - it provides warmth to your kitchen, and acts as the heart and soul of all things cooking. You should be very concerned if anything malfunctions in your precious oven. If anything weird happens, you might then be curious a…Read More

  4. Fridge Not Cooling? Here’s Why

    You just spent a ton of money on groceries. You should be set for the work week, right? After all, you were trying to cut back on going out for expensive lunches with your flashy co-worker. Most of the groceries you recently purchased are safely stowed away in the fridge, ready for consumption or pr…Read More

  5. Authorized Appliance Service vs Regular Appliance Service

    Having an appliance breakdown can really throw a wrench in your plans. Planning on having that roasted chicken dinner? You might have to go store bought. Out of clean underwear and socks? To the laundromat you go! Fortunately, when any of your kitchen appliances breakdown, such as microwaves, ovens,…Read More