1. Ride Out The Warm Weather With These Barbecue Tips

    While Profix Appliance Service can tackle just about every kitchen appliance from refrigerators to ovens and dishwashers, there’s something else that we fix and it (hopefully) is not in your kitchen: barbecue grills! We’re located out here in the Los Angeles area, and our consistently beautiful …Read More

  2. Some Energy-Saving Tips For Your Kitchen Appliances

    If the thought of checking your mail is something that gives you anxiety, then the chances are that it’s something to do with your bills - particularly, your utility bills. Isn’t life already expensive enough as it is, given the costs of food, transportation, entertainment, raising a family, and…Read More

  3. Where Do Old Kitchen Appliances Go After They Die?

    The answer to the title of this blog post is a total no-brainer: to appliance heaven, of course. Well, unless they’ve been a bad fridge or dishwasher, in which case they might wind up in appliance purgatory or...dare we say it, appliance hell. Jokes aside, it does make you wonder what happens to o…Read More

  4. More Kitchen Appliance Repair Myths Busted

    In our previous blog post, we touched on several kitchen appliance repair myths and set the record straight about them. You may or may not be surprised at how much misinformation there is out there about kitchen appliance repair, but we thought that we’d continue to touch on some more of these imp…Read More

  5. 7 Kitchen Appliance Repair Myths Busted

    As we’ve touched on in the past, there’s nothing worse than having an otherwise regularly functioning kitchen appliance that’s broken down when you need it most. Whether you’re seeking to cook the best Thanksgiving meal possible or you’re merely refrigerating some produce that you recently…Read More

  6. Repairing Or Buying A New Appliance

    When one or more of your highly valued kitchen appliances is on the fritz, you’ll be faced with an important decision: Should you repair your broken appliance, or replace it with a brand new machine? Ideally, no one wants to shell out money on either of those options, but if you enjoy baking, cook…Read More

  7. Should You Try and Fix a Broken Appliance Yourself?

    Let’s face it: Your relied on kitchen appliance is going to break for you at some point or another, even if it hasn’t happened already. As far as keeping your valued kitchen running smoothly goes, there’s nothing worse than encountering a broken appliance, especially when you need it the most.…Read More

  8. The Latest in Kitchen Appliance Technology

    Your friendly team of appliance repair technicians over at Profix Appliance tends to stay pretty up-to-date with the latest in kitchen appliance technology. As the 2010’s have progressed, there have been some interesting, futuristic innovations in the kitchen, including touch-and-swipe stovetop co…Read More