1. Ride Out The Warm Weather With These Barbecue Tips

    While Profix Appliance Service can tackle just about every kitchen appliance from refrigerators to ovens and dishwashers, there’s something else that we fix and it (hopefully) is not in your kitchen: barbecue grills! We’re located out here in the Los Angeles area, and our consistently beautiful …Read More

  2. More Kitchen Appliance Energy-Saving Tips To Consider

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  3. Some Energy-Saving Tips For Your Kitchen Appliances

    If the thought of checking your mail is something that gives you anxiety, then the chances are that it’s something to do with your bills - particularly, your utility bills. Isn’t life already expensive enough as it is, given the costs of food, transportation, entertainment, raising a family, and…Read More

  4. More Easy Slow Cooker Recipes To Try Out This Fall

    Welcome back! In our previous blog post, we touched on a couple delicious and easy things to make in your Crockpot or slow cooker while you’re waiting on oven repair from the team here at Profix Appliance Service. Making warm food is enjoyed the most during the colder fall and winter temperatures,…Read More

  5. Prepare For Autumn With Some Of These Crockpot Recipes

    Fall is coming, and that means the temperatures are (finally!) going to drop a little bit. No longer do you have to sweat out each day, counting down the hours until the sun has finally gone down just to be comfortable, air conditioning notwithstanding. Now, you can pull your favorite leather boots,…Read More

  6. Where Do Old Kitchen Appliances Go After They Die?

    The answer to the title of this blog post is a total no-brainer: to appliance heaven, of course. Well, unless they’ve been a bad fridge or dishwasher, in which case they might wind up in appliance purgatory or...dare we say it, appliance hell. Jokes aside, it does make you wonder what happens to o…Read More

  7. Stove Maintenance And Cleaning Tips From Profix Appliance

    We really enjoy writing about tips and pointers to maximize and optimize your precious kitchen appliances. After all, the kitchen is considered ‘the heart of the home,’ and it’s where families gather to cook meals, friends gravitate during parties to hang out, and a place where memories are cr…Read More

  8. Useful Oven Maintenance Tips To Avoid A Broken Appliance

    Using the barbecue is great for those summer cookouts with friends, and making a nice stir fry can be a very tasty experience, but there’s just nothing else quite like a home-cooked meal made with the heart and soul of your kitchen: the oven! From Thanksgiving turkey to homemade pies and more, the…Read More

  9. The Consequences Of Sub-Par, Delayed Oven Repair

    It might be a little ways away from the holiday season right now, but there’s still nothing worse than preparing for a huge, delicious home-cooked meal, only to realize that your oven is busted. Besides the stove top, your oven represents the main cooking component of your kitchen that brings amaz…Read More