At Profix Appliance, we’re the kitchen appliance repair experts that can handle stove repair, oven repair, refrigerator repair and more. While we’re always here for you when your kitchen needs us the most, we do value our customers’ knowledge of all things kitchen appliance-related. That’s why in today’s post, we’re going to take a look at the many nuances and variations of kitchen appliances that we’ve come across in our years of appliance repair experience.

Most people probably wouldn’t imagine the sheer amount of customizable options that there are for refrigerators, stove tops, and the like, but trust us when we say that we’ve routinely encountered a wide range of kitchen appliance options. Check out some of this useful information below to learn more about what’s probably only a few feet away from you right now – your kitchen appliances!

‘Built In’ Refrigerators

Not all kitchen appliances are created equally, and refrigerators are no exception. While many people tend to have a fairly standard fridge placed in between countertop space, higher-end kitchens focus on their design with efficiency and aesthetic in mind.

Also known as ‘Counter Depth’ refrigerators, these sleek cold boxes do not protrude from your cabinets whatsoever, meaning that they are more aesthetically pleasing because you won’t see the sides of the fridge, and in many cases, you won’t see any of the fridge at all, as some fridges are custom-built into cabinets themselves. Generally, Counter Depth fridges are about 24” deep, about the same depth as most counters, so that they sit flush and save valuable walkway space in your kitchen.

French Door Style Fridges

French door fridges are fairly common, and consist of a two door fridge with one freezer drawer below French door fridges are convenient because they allow for wider platters or items to be stored as opposed to the standard storage capacity of a convention side-by-side fridge. French doors come in counter depth, like Counter Depth fridges, and also standard depth. The two heights for french door fridges typically depend on the manufacturer. Speaking of side-by-side fridges…

Side By Side Refrigerator

This type of fridge is what most people know as…well, a fridge. This is the standard for all of your chilling appliance needs, coming in standard counter depth. If you’ve purchased a fridge in the past year or so and it wasn’t anything overly fancy or over-the-top, chances are that it was a side-by-side style refrigerator.

What Is a Range, Exactly?

You’ve probably heard us talk about being able to fix your stovetop, or your range, for that matter. But what exactly does that refer to? Well, a range generally refers to a combo unit with burners and an oven, or multiple ovens (though often not the case) which can be built-in or slide-in style. Most ranges have the knobs or controls for the burners and oven on the front edge of the kitchen appliance so as to save cooktop and burner space. Ranges typically come in electric, gas, dual fuel, and induction power options.

How Is a Rangetop Any Different?

A rangetop specifically refers to the burners and the top styling of a given range, with the knobs on the front. People opt for this kitchen appliance solution when they need space for double ovens on the wall, but don’t want to unnecessarily bend down to access said ovens. Rangetops like these tend to have a more ‘industrial’ type of look than a conventional stove top. While some rangetops are powered electrically, most of them are powered via gas.

But How Is a Rangetop Different From a Stovetop? Come On!

We know this can be confusing to distinguish each type of kitchen appliance to another, but that’s why we have this post! Stove tops drop into the counter and typically come in gas, electric, and induction offerings. The knobs on a stovetop are usually either along one side or along the top or front of the unit. Stovetops require less depth in your kitchen than other cooktop options, so you can fit a good three-foot drawer base underneath the stovetop, making stovetops popular when storage needs are tight.

Don’t Forget About Griddles

No, we’re not talking about the McGriddle™ either. Stovetop griddles are usually built in an area on top of gas or duel fuel ranges that have a cover that you can remove or lift up for use. Griddles often have a grease well that makes emptying grease after cooking a breeze. If you want, you can actually buy your own griddles on simply place them on top of any two burners as needed, instead of having griddles permanently installed, if you will. Like many things, it’s all up to personal preference, and kitchen appliances are no exception.

Trust The Appliance Repair Pros At Profix

We don’t expect you to be experts on everything about kitchen appliances, but if you’re half as excited as we are about fixing your kitchen appliances, then we’re sure you learned a few things! If you can’t tackle your own appliance issues, no worries – the professionals at Profix Appliance Service have you covered. Whether you need viking stove repair, factory service or bluestar service, or you simply want to hang out with the home appliance repair experts, get in touch with us today!

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