Many things go into the fridge to be preserved and saved to eat for later, and other things go in the fridge to inevitably die a slow yet cold death. Don’t kid yourself, we’ve all been there where we left those Chinese leftovers in the back of the fridge just a little too long, and then you’re left to deal with a not-so-ideal smell and the fact that you’re throwing out what would have been perfectly great food to eat. When this happens, the inner penny-pinching college student within us cringes a little bit.

At Profix Appliance, we love talking about myths as they relate to fridge repair, oven repair, or kitchen appliance repair. We’re experts in home appliance repair, and we also have some pretty great insights about some things that you thought you knew about your seemingly innocent refrigeration habits. This post is dedicated to some refrigerator myths as they relate to our refrigerator repair service, and we hope that you think a little bit more carefully the next time you throw those leftovers in the fridge. Let’s take a look.

Myth: The Fridge Will Eternally Preserve Food

If you think your fridge has magical regenerative powers then…well, it’s a nice thought, but your fridge can only keep things fresh for so long. As in, your fridge won’t be able to bring that wilted onion that you stuck in the fridge last Thursday back to life.

If you consume your food quickly after it’s been refrigerated, then you’re probably okay. Actually, what you should do right now is go and check your fridge because chances are there are at least a few items, if not several, that should have been thrown out a while ago.

Myth: Condiments Never Go Bad

This is actually a bit of a tricky one because many condiments do have preservatives and other agents that make them last a long time. But that sad, mostly empty bottle of mustard at the back of your condiment shelf? Yeah, that’s probably going to have to go take a quick trip to the trash can. Condiments still have ‘best by’ and expiration dates, so pay attention to those and rotate your condiment selection accordingly. After all, condiments are fairly cheap to buy and replace.

Myth: Only The Inside Of The Fridge Needs To Be Cleaned

While taking care of all that bacteria and nastiness inside of your fridge is essential to good maintenance and cleanliness for your fridge, routinely cleaning the outside is just as important.

Your fridge’s exterior contains important components like condenser coils located on the back of the unit. Using a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, give those condenser coils a good dusting every six months or so. Your condenser coils are an important part of your fridge properly functioning, so we really do highly recommend that you do this.

Myth: Having a Second Fridge In The Garage Or Basement Is A Good Idea

If you’re looking to excessively consume power and pay more for energy than you should, then yes, a second fridge is a good idea. Sure, many homes across the country use a second fridge for storing beer or extra food, and that’s fine if it’s in a finished, insulated area.

If your second refrigerator is in an unconditioned garage or basement, however, then it could be working two or three times as hard just to maintain a consistent, cool temperature, especially during the warmer months. So if you are using an old, inefficient refrigerator as your secondary chilling cabinet, then you are effectively wasting energy.

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