This year’s summer has been nothing shy of a scorcher, and the greater Los Angeles area isn’t escaping any of the nation’s heat. We know that the weather is always pretty nice down here, but the intensity of peak-summer heat can present some problems for all of your fancy gadgets that rely on energy to operate – especially your major kitchen appliances. Things like fridges, ovens, and stoves all consume a fair amount of power and energy when they’re in use, but the energy consumption with a refrigerator differs from your other typical kitchen appliances.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Appliances Are Running Efficiently

Indeed, while ovens and stovetops only generate most of their power consumption when they’re actually turned on and in use, refrigerators are like the Pacman of your energy bill: they’re constantly running and constantly eating up things, which in this case, happens to be electricity. So, when you consider how your electricity bill is allocated to each appliance and device you have in your home – especially for these intense summer months – you realize how important it is to have an efficient, optimally-running refrigerator. Fortunately, the appliance repair professionals at Profix Appliance Repair are here to help!

We Have Appliances Covered

For all of your refrigerator repair service needs in the greater Los Angeles area, Profix is your go-to fridge repair and kitchen appliance repair solution. Our courteous and responsive team is ready to come to your home and fix your major kitchen appliance brands, whether you have a Viking®, Dacor®, BlueStar®, American Range®, Molteni®, or DeLonghi® appliance. In need of a quick diagnostic? Schedule a service request now or read on for some more useful tips to help keep things cool in your fridge when it’s burning hot outside.

Your Fridge Is Under Pressure: Give Your Fridge Some Space

If your refrigerator is pushed up against a wall, this can result in ventilation issues around the condenser unit. While kitchens are traditionally designed to have a space that fits a fridge next to the kitchen wall, just make sure that your fridge is sticking out ever-so-slightly from the edge of the wall. That way, air can freely circulate and your fridge can better disperse heat from the condenser unit. Space counts!

Keep Your Stored Food Covered

You might be curious as to how covering your precious, leftover guacamole is going make your fridge work less hard (and seriously, who doesn’t finish all of the guacamole?) but you might be surprised at how much a little plastic or aluminum wrap can save you in your energy bill(s).

By covering and containing your refrigerated food items, you’ll prevent the excess release of moisture into the unit, thereby saving your fridge’s compressor some extra work.

Don’t Overload Your Fridge

Like an overworked pre-med student, your fridge can only handle so much. By adding unnecessary, room-temperature items that you won’t even access for a while (things like cans of soda, bottles of juice, and so forth), your refrigerator will have to work harder at keeping things nice and cool.

By simply only keeping items chilled that you’ll need just a few days ahead of time, your fridge’s electricity usage will go down and its performance will go up. For items that are better served cold but don’t won’t go bad if they aren’t chilled, just rotate those items from your pantry to your fridge as you consume them.

Defrost, and Defrost Often

If your fridge happens to be old enough that it has a manual defrost (instead of the standard automatic defrost functions on most modern fridges), just make sure that the front of your fridge doesn’t build up more than a quarter inch if that.

Outdated Fridge? Ditch It For An Efficient One

If your fridge was manufactured prior to 1993, then you’re really doing your energy bills a disservice – newer Energy Star refrigerator units cost about half as much to operate now as older fridges do. While all of these energy-saving tips are useful, the best way to really save on your energy bill is to replace your old fridge, if you happen to still have one. Also, if you can do without ice, then skipping on an ice-maker will also save you a significant amount on energy costs.

If You’re Fridge Is Out of Luck, You Know Who To Call

Your appliance pros at Profix are here for you when you need us most. And hey, even when you don’t need us the most, we’re still here for you! If you have a fridge not cooling, don’t just sit there and wait for something magical to happen. Get our Los Angeles home appliance repair services at Profix today!

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