In the past, we’ve outlined nightmare scenarios that featured coming home with huge bags full of groceries and produce, only to realize to your dismay that your fridge has stopped working. While having a properly functioning fridge is an important thing at any time of the year, your fridge works harder than ever during the Southern California heat of the summer. And besides, without a fridge and freezer that are cooling as they should be, how else are you going to make those delicious, organic fruit popsicles that you found on Pinterest?

Profix Appliance Repair Has You Covered!

The point that we’re trying to make here is that quality and responsive refrigerator repair service matters, and Profix Appliance Service should be your go-to appliance repair in Los Angeles for a number of reasons. We believe that the beautiful denizens of the greater Los Angeles area shouldn’t have to endure the pain of dealing with a broken fridge, watching their precious groceries and condiments go to waste. In fact, we’re willing to bet that no one wants to deal with that.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive further in as to why dealing with a broken fridge, in the summer heat of Los Angeles, of all places, is a nightmare scenario. Remember, with our responsive and friendly appliance repair service from Profix, we’ll come fix your fridge as soon as possible to minimize your icebox suffering. If you’re going through the refrigerator blues, fill out a service request here or continue reading about this hellish situation that we know you’ll want to avoid.

Tell Your Fridge To Chill Out

When the temperatures are soaring outside, your fridge is working harder than ever to continue running at optimal performance. Remember, with temperatures that are too high, your food will end up spoiling and making you sick, and if you run your fridge at too low of temperatures, then you’ll just be wasting energy and paying more than you should to keep your food items chilled.

Ideally, to keep your food safe but not be wasteful with energy consumption, your refrigerator should maintain a temperature of roughly 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, let’s go over a few pointers to help your fridge keep its cool, which starts with something simple like….

Keeping That Door Closed!

We’ve all been there: opening the fridge doors, scanning the fridge, closing the fridge doors, and opening them again in hopes that new food items just magically appeared. You would think that after yelling at your kids not to keep the fridge doors open for so long that they would remember not to do such a thing, and the passive-aggressive note that you left on the stainless surface isn’t helping the situation either.

Whatever your strategy is, what you should take away from this pointer is that frequently opening your fridge door more than you need to is only going to waste energy and make your food items warmer than they should be. Speaking of fridge doors, the seals on the doors are also an important point to touch on.

Keep It Right, Keep It Tight

Over time, after years of use, gaskets and seals on your fridge doors can become ‘leaky,’ as they don’t provide that satisfying, uniform seal that it was originally intended to do. Naturally, gaskets and seals are very important to keeping your fridge insulated from the outside world, and they also conserve energy by making your fridge not have to work any harder than it should to keep things cool in there.

If you’re unsure if your seals and gaskets have loosened at all over time, simply take a piece of paper or a dollar bill and hold it on the door frame as you close the door. If it stays in place after you’ve closed the door, then your fridge is tight. If you can pull the piece of paper out easily even after you’ve closed the door, then you’ve got a seal problem.

Stay Tuned To Keep It Even Cooler During This Hot Summer

We didn’t want to terrify you with a horror story about a dysfunctioning fridge when its performance matters most, but we did think that it would be useful to throw you a few pointers to help keep your fridge running optimally during the warmer months. In the case that your fridge is not running up to par, however, rest assured that Profix Appliance has your back!

Profix Appliance Service faithfully serves the Los Angeles area for all of your refrigerator repair service needs. If you’ve ever desperately searched “refrigerator not cooling” or “fix fridge”, just know that the best solution is simply to contact or call Profix and we’ll hook you back up with the fridge performance that you deserve. Schedule a service request today!

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