It’s a dreadful feeling when a kitchen appliance breaks down, especially when you need it most. If you have a major kitchen appliance break, you know exactly who to call: your appliance repair service experts over at Profix Appliances.

After your fridge repair is complete and the broken appliance dust is settled, you might be looking for other ways to improve the quality of your kitchen atmosphere and functionality. Profix Appliance finds that many people tend to have fairly messy or unorganized fridges, so we thought that we’d give you some friendly pointers on how to optimize your fridge organization for a clean and effective refrigerator.

Temperature is Everything

When organizing your refrigerator, keep in mind the way professional and restaurant kitchens organize their fridges, because they are required to keep food safety in mind. How do they do it? Organize your fridge based on the temperature that foods need to be cooked to.

Items that don’t need to be cooked and that are otherwise safe to eat, such as prepared foods or leftovers, should be placed at the top of the fridge. Everything else should be organized downwards based on its corresponding cooking temperature. Foods that need to be cooked at the highest temperature, like chicken, should be placed at the very bottom, as this tends to be the coldest part of a refrigerator.

Eliminating Cross Contamination

When you organize your fridge according to cooking temperatures as described above, any possible cross contamination that could occur won’t be a problem. In a hectic life where you can’t afford to be sick as a result of food contamination, it pays to have a well-organized, non-contaminated fridge.

Upper Shelves

Again, this area should be for things in your fridge that don’t require the lowest temperature levels. Items that are suitable for upper shelves include leftovers, drinks, and ready-to-eat foods, such as yogurt, cheese, and deli meats, for example.

Lower Shelves

The lower shelves of your fridge should contain raw ingredients intended for cooking, like raw meats, vegetables, and so forth. This essentially the coldest section of most conventional refrigerators, so the items that require the lowest temperatures should generally be placed here.

Fridge Door

Generally, the fridge door is the warmest part of the fridge, because it is the part of the fridge that is closest to the outside of it. For the most part, only condiments should go in here. In other words, don’t put milk or eggs here, as they should be placed in a colder part of the fridge.


Drawers tend to be a little trickier than other parts of the fridge because they are designed to hold produce at specific humidities. As this is the case, it then makes sense to store fruits and veggies in there. Since drawers are near the bottom of the fridge, however, you may risk contaminating fresh vegetables if meat is placed above or near them.

To avoid this, we recommend making one drawer exclusively dedicated to veggies, and another exclusively dedicated to raw meat, if you happen to have two drawers.

When it comes to actually organizing your fridge, we’ll leave that up to you. However, if you need expert fridge repair or other appliance repairs in the Los Angeles area, give Profix Appliance a call and your fridge or other kitchen appliance will be running perfectly in no time!

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