While Profix Appliance Service can tackle just about every kitchen appliance from refrigerators to ovens and dishwashers, there’s something else that we fix and it (hopefully) is not in your kitchen: barbecue grills! We’re located out here in the Los Angeles area, and our consistently beautiful and sunny weather means that it’s always the right time to pull out your gas grill and make a delicious meal worth remembering. From seared salmon to a juicy steak and kabobs, there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to grilling.

Profix Keeps Your Appliances Running Smoothly

Cleaning and maintaining a barbecue isn’t too complicated, and if you follow some of our handy tips in today’s blog post from our kitchen appliance repair specialists, then you can settle in for years and years of smooth grilling. Just remember that if any kitchen appliance breaks, don’t sit there searching “authorized appliance repair service near me.” Instead, just drop us a call or fill out our contact form to get your broken appliance fixed up and running properly in no time.

To maximize your grilling experience this fall and virtually any time of the year, let’s cover some basic barbecue maintenance tips.

Clean The Burner And Tubes

Before you even start marinating that chicken and firing up the grill, you’ll want to get a few preventative things done, especially if your grill has been dormant for awhile. First, make sure that your propane tank is turned off (it’s been running for months on end, that’s a major problem). Then, remove the briquettes and cooking grates. Carefully detach the gas tubes and burner, and then clean the tubes with warm, soapy water. Towel dry the tubes when they’re clean, and wipe the burner with a clean cloth. Doing all of this will ensure that your grill ignites correctly and that the gas is evenly fed to the burners.

Wash The Grill

We’re not saying that you have to take your grill through a car wash (though that is an amusing thought), but washing your grill is actually an important preventative maintenance measure. Start by covering the gas valves with aluminum foil in order to protect the connections from potential corrosion. Then, wash the grill’s interior and exterior surfaces with a long-handled stiff-wire grill brush and warm, soapy water. After you’ve rinsed everything thoroughly and towel dried, reattach the gas tubes and burners.

Clean The Cooking Grates

Begin by burning off excess grease, and then let the grill cool for a moment. Once it’s safe enough to touch, remove the briquettes and cooking grates and scrub the grates with a long-handled stiff-wire grill brush and soapy water. Again, towel dry these parts and then replace the clean cooking grates along with the briquettes.

Stock Your Fuel

Check and replenish your propane and/or natural gas supply as necessary. You should recycle corroding or rusting tanks, and remember that propane or natural gas can and does go bad over time. To safely dispose of your tank, return it to a propane supplier or check your local listings for a tank recycling company.

Before You Grill

If you’ve taken the time to do the above barbecue maintenance, congratulations! You’re just about ready to embark on a fantastic grilling season (which, again, is all of the time here in sunny Los Angeles). When you’re ready to grill a tasty dinner, don’t forget to heat up your grill and burn off any grease or leftover residue on the cooking grates. Simply let your grill run on high for about 15 minutes prior to grilling. Doing so will turn any leftover food debris into ash, and will then be easier to brush off using a stainless steel bristle brush.

Just make sure that you turn off your propane or natural gas supply when you’re all done grilling, throw a cover on top after things have cooled down, and you’re done! These tips are so simple that your marinade recipe is probably more complicated.

Cook And Grill Problem-Free With Profix Appliance Service!

There’s nothing worse than getting all of your ingredients ready for a delicious meal, only to realize that your appliance is broken and you can’t cook your food. Whether your kitchen appliance broke or you need barbecue repair in Los Angeles, Profix Appliance Service has your back. With fast diagnostic times and friendly service, we’ll get your factory service or authorized home appliance repair service done in no time. Contact us today!