In our previous blog post, we touched on several kitchen appliance repair myths and set the record straight about them. You may or may not be surprised at how much misinformation there is out there about kitchen appliance repair, but we thought that we’d continue to touch on some more of these important myths to help guide your knowledge about what we’re passionate about here at Profix Appliance Service: Keeping your valuable kitchen appliances in top running condition.

As a friendly reminder, Profix handles refrigerator repair, stove repair, oven repair and more types of high-end kitchen appliance repair in the greater Los Angeles area. We know that the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home,’ so to speak, and so we take pride in making sure that your appliances function properly. To learn some more things about some of the misinformation on appliance repair service, continue reading below.

Myth: Using An Old Fridge As a Secondary Beverage Fridge Will Save You Money

Having a second fridge will certainly convenience you by giving you optimal fridge storage space, but it’s not a very smart economic move. In reality, the electricity needed to power an old refrigerator over several years will actually cost more than an energy efficient replacement, and then some. If you’re considering a refrigerator switch or you have an extra fridge somehow lying around, Energy Star offers a convenient Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator. Remember, refrigerating is not about how many fridges you have, but how efficient your fridges are.

Myth: The More Soap You Use, The Cleaner Things Will Be

With the rise in dishwasher efficiency over the past several years, it now takes less water than ever before to properly clean dishes. However, people didn’t seem to get the memo that because it takes less water to run a cycle, it also takes significantly less soap than ever before.

In fact, using too much dishwasher detergent can be a bad thing. Too much dishwasher detergent can leave a white film on dishes, and too much laundry detergent can cause ‘oversudsing’ in the washer, which reduces the performance and lifespan of a washing machine. Plus, we’re sure that you don’t want sticky soap residue on your clothes that didn’t properly rinse out like it should have.

Myth: When The Oven Preheating Chime Goes Off, It’s At Full Temperature

We’re not telling you that you shouldn’t trust your oven, but some oven preheat chimes use a timer instead of a temperature gauge system. So if you’re a serious baker who’s looking for the right temperature, we’d recommend waiting a few extra minutes just to make sure that your desired temperature is actually achieved inside the oven. If you really want to be thorough about it, test the temperature inside with a thermometer. However, if you’re a casual oven user who’s simply heating up leftovers or cooking a simple frozen pizza, then the standard preheating chime should be a fine indicator that you’re good to go.

Myth: A More Powerful A/C Unit Will Cool You Down Faster

You’d think that a bigger, more powerful air conditioning unit would cool things down faster, but really, the A/C will simply cycle off more frequently when it reaches the temperature in the room. This results in reduced efficiency and lifespan of the unit itself, and it will also cause uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Instead of getting a monster A/C unit, consider buying a window air conditioner or room air conditioner that perfectly fits the amount of space that you’d like to cool down.

Myth: Refrigerators Only Run For a Few Hours Per Day

Some myths are clearly understood as to why they got there, and other myths remain a mystery. We’re not sure how this myth got traction, but it’s out there. Your fridge is constantly plugged in and running 24 hours a day. In fact, it’s the only appliance in your home that’s working around the clock to keep your food fresh, frozen, and so forth. The next time you see your fridge, thank it for all the hard work that it puts in.

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Dealing with a broken kitchen appliance is like having a family member or friend fall ill. They need the best care so that they can perform well and achieve their best, and without the proper kitchen appliance repair experts (or a doctor), how can this be achieved? If you’re in need of home appliance repair service, Profix is more than capable of taking care of your broken appliance. Learn more about Profix Appliance here, or schedule a service request today!

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