Having an appliance breakdown can really throw a wrench in your plans. Planning on having that roasted chicken dinner? You might have to go store bought. Out of clean underwear and socks? To the laundromat you go! Fortunately, when any of your kitchen appliances breakdown, such as microwaves, ovens, stoves, and refrigerators, Profix Appliances offers authorized factory service for a number of quality kitchen appliance brands. Does authorized factory service matter compared to standard appliance service? Well, if your car broke down and needed a significant fix, wouldn’t you prefer a mechanic who specialized in your brand of vehicle? If you have the choice, going with a repairman who is certified to work on authorized kitchen appliance brands is definitely the way to go.

Don’t Void That Warranty

If your kitchen appliance is not too old, chances are that the product is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, which ranges from a few years to well over 5 years. In the case that your appliance is indeed under the manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll need to use a factory-authorized repair shop, such as the fine folks at Profix Appliances, to avoid voiding the warranty. You’ll just want to make sure that the technician who will be sent to your home has been properly trained on how to fix your appliance – if you call Profix, however, no worries here!

Devoted Customer Service

Though getting your appliance fixed for a reasonable price is very important, the manner in which the repairmen conducts themselves also matters. Enlisting the service of an authorized appliance repairman will help ensure a greater level of courtesy and professionalism. Why? As an authorized repairman of particular brands, they are in part representing one of those companies, instead of their own third party, unauthorized service company. When you deal with a kind, honest and professional repairman, it will leave you with the confidence that your kitchen appliance is being properly fixed without any wonder that they cut corners doing the job. Plus, it’s always nicer to work with someone who’s…nice, right?

Annual Workshops Strengthen Knowledge

Because appliances change so often and are generally so sophisticated, authorized servicers have to go to annual training workshops. This is not only to learn how to repair a particular brand but also to stay up-to-date with any changing information about how a certain product works, such as one of the many kitchen appliances that Profix works on. In addition, authorized technicians should keep a record of the problem you have with your appliance, so if it crops up again, the history can be traced in order to make future fixes that much easier.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Realistically, any person with some basic tools and a high-level understanding of your broken appliance could mend, or at least attempt to mend, your beloved oven, refrigerator, or another modern-day convenience machine. What you want to look for, though, is for someone who really cares. You want an appliance repairman who’s willing to go the extra distance and effort to make sure that you’re truly satisfied when the job is done – is your appliance fixed for the short-term, or will it last for so long that you forgot about the last time that it was broken? The choice is obvious.

Have a Peace of Mind

Isn’t it nice to rest at the end of the day, knowing that the things that you rely on most in the kitchen or in your house are operating properly? The worst feeling is knowing that you spent a bunch of money getting something fixed, and then wondering if was actually fixed and when it might break down again. When you go with an authorized appliance repairmen, like one of the friendly guys at Profix Appliance Service, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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